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Black Sheep Leather Family

Black Sheep Leather Family is a family that values M/s relationships. We strive to help with education whether it be through teaching, promoting other well established teachers, volunteering or just leading by example. We strive to keep learning and to give back to the local community any way we can. Not only do we value M/s relationships but we also value this chosen family and treat everyone in it as blood. Sometimes in this community people are outcast in their vanilla lives or are unable to be theirselves. Black Sheep Leather Family loves our family members for who they are and encourages everyone to embrace themselves. The Black Sheep Leather Family are the founder of the AnonM/s Con held in Providence, Rhode Island.

About the Logo: Logo was commissioned by dark_fawx

Black Sheep Leather Family



Providence, Rhode Island USA




by Sir_Nonymous

Panel History:

In 2020 at AnonM/s Con


Other Details:

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