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CJ's Leather

We offer the finest quality leather gear and clothing at competitive prices. Each piece is handmade from top-grade leather. Whether you are looking for leather clothing or accessories CJ's is your best choice. If you are new to the leather scene or just starting to explore BDSM don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff with questions about specific pieces, the care of our products, or proper protocol. We invite you to visit our online store. We offer leather pants, shirts, vests, renaissance armor, motorcycle chaps, body harnesses, jockstraps, codpieces, and other gear. In addition, we offer a full selection of BDSM gear including straitjackets, slave collars, hoods, gags, and more. Custom work is our specialty. If you are passing through Denver on the way to ski Colorado's wonderful slopes in winter or to see the Aspen leaves change to gold in autumn stop by our shop and let us take your measurements for that perfect fit.

CJ's Leather



Denver, Colorado USA





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