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Columbia Leather Order

The Columbia Leather Order, Inc. is a pansexual Leather/Levi club consisting of persons of any sexual orientation who share common goals and interests and gather to share in fellowship and community service.

The supporting of charitable causes is fundamental to the existence of The Columbia Leather Order, Inc. We support others in times of need and choose to stand together as brothers and sisters of the leather subculture.

We strive to represent the concept of community and to exemplify fellowship and harmony between the people regardless of their gender, race or sexual orientation. We support only safe and mutually consensual adult activities.

We value honesty, integrity, honor, and take pride in who we are.

Columbia Leather Order



Columbia, South Carolina USA




Columbia Leather Order was reinstated under the guise of the Columbia Leather Order on January 6, 2013. Master Niko, Flossie, Troy, Tia, and James reinstated the Club.

Panel History:

Added in-person at SouthEast Leather Fest, June 13, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.


Other Details:


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