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Council of Elders

In response to the specious assertions made in an infamous book the fictional Council of Elders was created as a good natured humorous response. Leather/Kink has always been somewhat anarchistic and as sexual rebels the idea of a governing council was ludicrous, yet it persists in fictional accounts. The council pins and colors are worn by hundreds of leatherfolk who when asked about it's meaning will refuse to answer. The colors, pin and the sacred FEZ are enshrined in the Leather Archives and Museum along with this story. To fully understand the idea simply look at the first letters of our motto, “Brotherhood - Solidarity”.

Council of Elders








Panel History:

Added by Hardy Haberman in-person at South Plains Leatherfest - Dallas, Texas on Friday, March 22, 2024.


Additional Context for The Council of Elders read The Council of Elders and Other Jokes by Hardy Haberman 'Fetlife'

Other Details:

Hardy Haberman adding the Council of Elders panel to the Leather Quilt at South Plains Leather Fest 2024.

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