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Daddy Bear's Claw Clan

Claw Clan was officially named in 1998 by the 17 members of the time. We had jokingly dubbed our anchor Dom a “Beast Master” since all members of the extended Leather family had some animal affiliation: bears, pups, big cats, lizard, ponies, and even a dolphin. He came from a gay Leather and military background, which both excited and chafed at the same time. We do not all live under the same roof, and some have not visited in person for years, but through the wonderful gift of electronic communication we do stay united in loving dedication to Family.

Our family spans the world. We are the clawed beasts of your nightmares and of your wettest dreams, and at times supervenient superheroes. All genders, all races, all abilities, all faiths, all roles… It is a strong common thread that ties us together, while differences can make that thread thin at times it is dedication to Leather life as we each know it and mutual love that keeps it intact.

We serve our greater community by providing service to Leather conferences together. Leather History Conference, Leather Leadership Conference, SouthEast Leather Fest, and Leather History Preservation Weekend.

Daddy Bear's Claw Clan



Knoxville, Tennnessee USA





Panel History:

Added in 2014 at the Leather History Conference in High Point, North Carolina.


Other Details:

Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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