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Domus Sadicus

DOMUS SADICUS is a 24/7, M/s, TPE, Victorian-Leather Household that was established in 2010. It is a House that embraced and melds an evolving and dynamic style of Leather, including but not limited to: Traditional Leather, Victorian, Gorean, Gothic, Military and Alfredian. Lady Marquetta is the Mistress of the House of Domus Sadicus. A myriad of activities and events occur within Domus Sadicus, but Domus Sadicus is far more than a place, it is a mindset, a philosophy and a lifestyle, where etiquette, protocol are not only practiced as a manner of behavior but defines as a part of its core to what Domus Sadicus is. It is a House that holds Strength, and Honor as its core tenets, and doctrine of decorum. Domus Sadicus is a House in which all levels of Protocol are a mainstay. Protocol, etiquette and anticipatory service define a manner of service that Lady Marquetta describes as Alfredian Service, (Think of kinky version of Batman’s Alfred).

Domus Sadicus is a House that is grounded in Education. As a continual component of inner-growth, education, Domus Sadicus endeavor to further teaching and the learning, where they become a dynamic dance that broadens, enlightens and illuminates the minds, heart and soul. Domus Sadicus continues to be involved in lifestyle education within the Colorado community, and offers classes through Colorado Etiquette and Protocol, a group that attempts to further lifestyle education with its many diverse facets.

Domus Sadicus is a House that holds Family dear, and its family includes many within and beyond the Colorado community, and where all members of the community will find a refuge of safety, openness and acceptance, where all people of the lifestyle will find a welcoming Mistress, and fellowship for all.

About the House Arms: The House arms of Domus Sadicus depicts, (working inward out) a silver-colored steel shield with a purple border emblazoned with three talon tears of red, and a triskelion of blue and purple. The silver steel shield symbolizes strength and protection, the red talon tears represent the primal nature of Lady Marquetta’s Dominance, the red represents emotion and the life energy we all emit. The triskelion represents: Body, Mind and Soul, the color purple signifies grace, etiquette, and civility to all. The blue symbolizes tranquility, temperance and control as a balance to emotion. The two rampant lions in red represent Honor and support for the House and all its elements. Additionally, as the supporters, they embody Leonis as Lady Marquetta’s slave and protector; the red represents the blood bound nature of their symbiotic relationship. The black field symbolizes the dark nature of the lifestyle that brings us enlightenment. The motto: Virtus et Honos is Latin which translates as Strength and Honor. Furthermore, Virtus also carries with it additional meanings, including: courage, bravery, virtue and character. Honos, additionally carries with it the additional meanings of: esteem and reputation.

Domus Sadicus



Colorado, USA





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