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Fresno Leather Advocacy Group

We are a Leather Family living and promoting Leather Lifestyle in the Fresno and the Central Valley through service, education and transparency.

About the Design: Designed by Sir Phillip and Bytesunfish in August 2016. The stripes represent the colors of the three founding Houses. The triskelion, well, because BDSM. The open book was selected by the House of Fury. This implies an open invitation to write Y/your history, make Y/your mark, and to be a better person through self reflection. The scroll was selected by The Enigma to signify O/our passion for education and openness. Education is valued and respected, and W/we strive to facilitate education for others. The pentagram (or pentacle) was selected to represent Casa Del La Strega (The house of the witch). The star represents spirit, earth, air, fire and water, the elements essential for life. The circle around it symbolizes unity, wholeness and the quest for Divine Knowledge.

Fresno Leather Advocacy Group



Fresno, California USA




The family bonded & were vested at Leather HEAT April 2016, officially formed in January 2017. Three Houses founded this group: House of Fury, The Enigma, and Casa Del La Strega

Panel History:

Panel was mailed to the project around July 2017. There was no formal ceremony to add the panel to the quilt. It is as of yet unknown the first appearance of the panel.



Three Houses founded this group: House of Fury, The Enigma, and Casa Del La Strega

Other Details:

Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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