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House of Blue

The House of Blue (HoB), based out of southern Maryland, is a Leather family headed by senior Master Mister‐Blue, the 2018 International Master/slave title holder and the 2017 NE Master/slave title holder and his slave/wife BlueFrost, the 2018 International Master/slave title holder and the 2017 NE Master/slave title holder. The HoB employs a myriad of military principles closely aligned with Leather values as its base for operations.

Respect, Honor, Integrity, Duty, Selfless Service, Loyalty, and Personal Courage are the Army’s core values of LDRSHIP which the HoB follows as they serve the Leather community near and far. As the House motto is “Trust, Respect and Obedience”, the HoB requires nothing less than excellence in their service to self and community as they continue to remain a shining example alongside their peers. Members of the House of Blue can often be found out and about in the community speaking at conferences and other gatherings.

The HoB is also one of 4 founding Leather families of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (pronounced ““lock””)

House Mission Statement: To live our authentic selves as well as enjoy the many aspects of Kink and BDSM.

House Colors: Similar to the Leather Pride Flag: Royal Blue, Black, and White

House Crest: The Sun symbolizes the light that leads our kinky path. The BDSM emblem (and its meaning) is centered as a representation of who we are at our core.

House Core Principles: Respect, Trust, and Obedience

House of Blue



Maryland USA




Master Mister‐Blue and his slave/wife BlueFrost

Panel History:

Probably around January 2018


Other Details:

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