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House of Just

The House of Just is a group of individuals who have joined together to form a deliberate, chosen family. Our bond and our commitment is to the communities we serve, Our core values are: Service, Education, Leadership, Intelligence, and Compassion.

While being on a Leather path is not a requirement to join the House, many of us are. We believe it’s the steadfast commitment to our core values that squarely puts on our Leather paths.

Formally founded by JustRob, JustKaren, and JodiBGood in 2019. The House is an off-shoot of House Artemis, (lead by Lady Devon). House of Just is based on the learnings and values taught to the founders as members of House Artemis.

Mission Statement: To serve and educate our communities with compassion and wisdom.

House of Just



Jacksonville, Florida, USA




In 2019 by JustRob, JustKaren, and JodiBGood.

Panel History:

Added in-person at The Woodshed Orlando on December 9, 2023 in Orlando, Florida USA


Other Details:


Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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