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House of Reaper

House of Reaper was formed in 2008 by the Late Sir Wayne and Lady Angel. Originally it was not defined as a Leather Household, but they had the same core values. Sir Wayne and Lady Angel’s love for one another is what laid the foundation for the five principles to lay the foundations of what their family would be built upon and to continue its legacy.

Respect, Trust, Honor, Obey, and Love.
In order to respect others, you must respect yourself first.
In order to trust others, you must trust yourself first.
In order to honor others, you must honor yourself first.
In order to obey or have them obey you, you must obey yourself first.
In order to love others, you must love yourself first.

Sadly, May 2017, Sir Wayne passed away from pancreatic cancer after a long two-year battle. Lady Angel became Head of the House of Reaper. With Sir Wayne’s passing, Lady Angel sought a mentor to guide her in her Leather journey. Her mentor is NC Master who has become Lady Angel’s Leather Father. June 2017, House of Reaper became a Leather Household, and formerly became one of the seven Leather Households that makes up the greater NC Master Family.

House of Reaper is a diverse family with its members possessing different backgrounds, talents, and skills. Their diversity is the hallmark and sense of pride of what it means to be a member of this house. There are dominants, submissives, switches, a babygirl Domme, pets of different persuasions. They promote community involvement, volunteering, health and well-being, mentoring, presenting, leadership, and education.

House of Reaper



North Carolina USA




Formed in 2008 by the Late Sir Wayne and Lady Angel.

Panel History:

Added in-person at SouthEast LeatherFest 2023 on June 8-11, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Other Details:


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