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House of Ursus & Canis

The House of Ursus Canis is a fraternal house created from a formal outgrowth of the friendship that formed between us. The bond was forged with camaraderie, accountability, and honor. It was strengthened in fire that created unity of purpose and intent. And from that grew a brotherhood. We are a collection of dominant men banded together to foster and promote Honor, Brotherhood and Unity in the BDSM community The house has been formed from real life relationships with like minded dominants and their slaves. We seek to educate not only ourselves, but the slaves and submissive's in our care. We lead by example with honesty and transparency and strive to create unity not only in our house but the community as a whole.

About the House crest: It was created by pixling.

House of Ursus & Canis



Bakersfield, California USA





Panel History:

In 2013 at Leather History Conference.


Other Details:

Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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