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House of Valor

House of Valor is one of 7 Leather Houses within the larger NCM Leather Family. The House is made up of strong, intelligent, talented, service-driven leaders on both sides of the slash. The House is quite diverse, consisting of both male and female Dominants, male and female submissives and slaves, different ethnicities, and members who span three generations. We share a desire for excellence, a passion for teaching, mentoring, and using our experience and skills to contribute to our community in meaningful ways. We have core values of honor, integrity, and service, as well as a deep respect for those who walked this leather path before us. As leather men and women, we strive to live authentically, and to bring honor to our leather and to our House. We support each other, hold each other accountable, and strongly pursue continued personal growth and balance. As leaders, we have a keen understanding that all living things (people, relationships, and organizations) must continue to grow, or they deteriorate and die (nothing healthy remains stagnant).

Members of our House regularly teach at local, regional, and national events on a wide range of topics, serve in positions of leadership on numerous boards, are mentors, and lead several support/educational groups.

Valor Noun (val·or | ˈva-lər) strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger or face adversity with firmness and personal bravery

Patch Symbolism: The HoV patch symbolizes duality and balance. When out of balance strengths become weaknesses, when in balance things we perceive as weaknesses can become our greatest strengths. The dragon eye represents wisdom and strength as well as power and fierceness. In balance those traits can be used to accomplish great good; out of balance they can cause significant harm. The flames represent our challenges which we can allow to renew us and be a time of growth, or we can let it break our spirit and destroy our dreams. The sword is a symbol of honor, power, protection, and service which can be used in the service of others, or the blade can be misused for selfish gain. The drop of blood on the tip of the sword is a reminder of the cost of our leathers both past and present, and a realization that living authentically has a cost as well as rewards. The sword stands on its point to represent the importance of balance and is wrapped in a green vine to remind us that all living things must continue to grow and evolve, or they will shrivel and die. Artwork was by SincerelyJosie.

House of Valor







June 2018 by Master Varii, Southeast Master 2022

Panel History:

Added in-person at Leather Leadership Conference 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia USA.


Other Details:

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