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La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack)

La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack) was formed in 2013 and is comprised of Leather houses from around the United States. Members of La Meute wear unique military-style uniforms and serve as presenters both in their local communities and across the United States. La Maison deRou and the Tranquil Heart Circle are the founding houses of La Meute de Rougaroux.

Mission: Synergy of purpose while living our authentic lives.

Core Values: Intégrité, Service et Discipline

Crest: The tribal wolf design symbolizes our primal nature. The fleur-de-lis represents the roots of the rougarou in Louisiana folklore. The diamond on the left and the disc on the right symbolizes the Master/slave dynamic that is utilized by the original member houses. The circular shape represents the moon, a celestial body representative of a higher power.

La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack)



Maryland, USA





Panel History:

PENDING: To be added in-person at Master/slave Conference 2024


Other Details:

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