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Leather House Of Royal Heart

Leather House Of Royal Heart & Royal Heart Leather Family (LHRH), founded February 9, 2018, based out of Baltimore Maryland, is a Total Power Exchange Authority Transfer, Polyamorous BDSM Family. Headed by Sir S’ango Royal Heart (Leather Sir), 1st Lieutenant Daddy Yogi Royal Heart (Leather Daddy & 2nd in command of the LHRH), and slave tom Royal Heart (Owned by Sir S’ango, alpha slave, and house bootblack to the Leather House of Royal Heart) and boy curt Royal Heart (Dedicated Leather service boy). LHRH’s core values are Honesty, Dedication, Respect, Discipline/obedience, Loyalty, and Integrity. These core values drive this leather family forward and every member has the spark that lights the flame to do the work of serving our community. We are proud members of the leather community. We are dedicated to service, education, and empowerment of self and those who choose to walk the path with us. “May My lock be heavy, but never be a burden.”

House Mission Statement: As a service-oriented leather family, W/we want nothing more but to have a thriving family with worthwhile Dominants, s-types, and BDSM players looking to grow and serve to the best of their ability. The Head of House’s job is to pass on the knowledge given to Him and create a legacy that will live on for generations to come. Stand in your truth. Honor your past and brave the future. Live like it’s your last day on earth.

House Colors:
- The Heart represents the Soul of every family member.
- The Flag represents our leather journey and the community we serve.
- The Crown represents the power we possess as individuals and a family.
- The Blood represents the hard work we put into our service to ourselves & service to O/our community.
- The Chain represents the power and authority W/we choose to exchange in leather. W/we are bound to this house: “LEATHER HOUSE of ROYAL HEART”.
- Red, true black, and red.

House Core Principles: Honesty, Dedication, Respect, Discipline/obedience, Loyalty, and integrity

Leather House Of Royal Heart



Maryland, USA





Panel History:

Added in-person at Master/slave Conference in College Park, MD August 31 - September 4, 2023.



Other Details:


Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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