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Leather Quest

Leather Quest is a two year intensive program focused on personal growth, BDSM and Leather history, earned leather, and advanced BDSM skills conducted in three different cities, Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Francisco, California.

Leather Quest formed in 2008 out of Journeyman III Academy which was started in 1997 by Michael A. with the permission of Grand Master Keith Edward E (KEE), headmaster of the Journeyman II Academy in San Jose, California.

The Leather Quest program consists of three separate programs, a 100-level, 200-level, and 300-level program. Each city has its own set of these programs.12:53 PM 12/14/2023

-In SLC the programs are; The Path (100-level), Journey SLC (200-level), Leather Quest SLC (300-level)
-In Las Vegas the programs are; The Vegas Toolbox (100-level), Journey Vegas (200-level), Leather Quest Vegas (300-level)
-In Northern California the programs are; Foundations (100-level), Journey NorCal (200-level), Leather Quest SF (300-level)

Leather Quest



Salt Lake City, Utah | Las Vegas, Nevada | Northern California USA





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