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LUC of LV (Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas)

Responsibility, Integrity, Service, and Respect. The cornerstones of the Leather Lifestyle. The Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas takes these principles a step further and adds Inclusion and Acceptance to the mix. LUC is a Leather/Uniform/Fetish/Kink Lifestyle 501c3 not-for-profit club serving the BDSM/Kink/Leather/LGBTQ communities, and other civic charities.

LUC of LV (Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas)



Las Vegas, Nevada USA




In 1998 by five (5) gay leather men; Daddy Joe, his husband Nick, boy Michael and his Master and slave Shadow.

Panel History:

Added in-person at the first Sin in the City event in 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Other Details:

Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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