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MAsT: Greater Vancouver

MAsT: Greater Vancouver is led by Sir Tee and His/Her slave little-kitsune. As a POC lesbian M/s couple the chapter welcomes all forms of Power Exchange structures or dynamics regardless of gender, gender identity, sexuality, ethnic background, beliefs, family structure (poly, triad, monogamous) etc. The chapter hosts monthly discussion nights, bi-monthly munches/socials, monthly Hellfire Night discussions for Masters, Mistresses and Dominants, monthly aspire discussions for those on the right side of the slash, as well as occasional educational workshops focusing on Power Exchange. The focus is to promote the sharing of experiences, perspectives, and journeys to support, to build and grow a healthy, ethical, and vibrant Power Exchange community, and develop a strong support network for those interested in, or living Power Exchange.

MAsT: Greater Vancouver



Vancouver, British Columbia Canada




On July 6, 2017 by Sir-Tee and little_kitsune

Panel History:

Added by Sir Tee and little kitsune on October 12, 2019 at Wicked in the West in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Other Details:


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