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NCM Leather Family

The NCM Leather Family is a group of seven (7) individual Houses formed in order to provide a place for the NCM family as a whole, our mentees, friends of the family, and those who may be exploring and seeking information on our Leather Family can easily communicate. The heads of those seven (7) Houses now form a core council for our NCM Family, and we recognize the potential for the number of Houses to grow as the natural evolution of a healthy family is to expand. While each House operates autonomously, and has its own “flavor” and mission, we also work together cooperatively, and remain close within the overall Family structure.

The Seven Houses of NCM:

-Ben's House - Lead by NCMaster (Master Ben)
-House of Valor - Lead by Master_Varii
-Stick's House - Lead by Stick
-House of Reaper - Lead by MasterAngel76
-House of Havok - Lead by LovingNCMaster
-Mikey's House - Lead by boy_mikey
-House of Woodfin - Lead by SirWoodfin

NCM Leather Family



Southeast USA (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina)




In 2011 by Master Ben

Panel History:

Added in-person in 2020 at Leather Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia USA.


Fetlife Group

Other Details:


Have details about this panel that are not listed? We need you! Email the Historian.

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