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“ONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its goal to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives.

Support, spirituality, safety and saneness are keys to attaining our goals. Towards this end, it is the principle of ONYX to develop in its members the highhest standards of loyalty to the laws and established code of ONYX and to treat all in society with honor, unselfishness and tolerance.

It is the responsibility of each member to uphold the traditions, standards and practices of this organization as well as the time honored principles of democracy on which this country was built.

It is the fundamental belief of this organization that no finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of persons with similar tastes, inclinations and goals.”




USA with Chapters across the country




In 1995 by “The Founding Fathers of ONYX are: Mufasa, David M., Steve B., Nate G. and Wes G.”

Panel History:

Added in-person in 2022 at Leather History Preservation Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia USA


Other Details:


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