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Queer Leather Association

Queer Leather Association Sacramento is a non-profit organization of queer people interested in and promoting the leather lifestyle, which creates an environment where queer leather persons may meet and share bonding experiences with those with similar interests. We facilitate confidential leather discussion groups and demonstrations. QLAS encourages the establishment of safe and interesting environments conducive to the support, encouragement, and advancement of all aspects of the leather lifestyle. We support safer sex and safer sex educational programs that encourage individual responsibility, as well as personal freedom to make informed choices and decisions regarding sex and sex play. We are dedicated to community involvement to educate, end discrimination against sexual minorities, and promote philanthropic endeavors in our society. The QLAS home bar is The Bolt at 2560 Boxwood Street in Sacramento, California.

More History of QLAS: The Queer Leather Association Sacramento formed several years after a predecessor leather club, the Sacramento Valley LeatherCorps, became defunct. Some of the original twelve Founders and Founding Members were involved in the Sacramento Valley LeatherCorps and recognized the need for this type of organization in the Sacramento area. The Members voted to have the word queer in the name to reflect its diverse membership, both of gender and of all parts of the queer/LGBT community.

Queer Leather Association



Sacramento, California USA




In February 2017 by original twelve Founders and Founding Members

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