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Society of Janus

The Society of Janus is a San Francisco-based support and education organization for people interested in learning about BDSM. We provide an opportunity to meet others with similar interests in a safe, relaxed atmosphere with only one cardinal rule: All BDSM activities can and should be safe, consensual, and non-exploitative.

We are a pansexual organization, open to persons of all genders, sexual orientations (straight/gay/bisexual/etc.) and roles (top/dom/switch/bottom/slave/etc.). Our members range from inexperienced newcomers to “SM veterans” with years of kink experience. The Society of Janus also provides a chance to get involved with the greater SF Bay Area BDSM community.

The Society of Janus is the second oldest BDSM group in the U.S. (TES in New York City, founded in 1971, being the oldest).

Society of Janus



San Francisco, California USA




In August 1974 by Cynthia Slater and Larry Olsen

Panel History:

Added on July 20, 2019 at the Society of Janus 45th Anniversary Party in San Francisco, California USA.


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