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The House of The Black Lily

The House of The Black Lily was founded in June of 2001 by Master Lily who is Head of House. The House of The Black Lily has a rich and beautiful herstory as a third generation household with a strong Leather lineage birthed from the women who came before. Master Lily's Leather Mother and mentor, Goddess Lakshimi, Ms. World Leather 2003 being the generation before her, and GrandDaddi Jill Carter IMsL 1996, and grandma Vi Johnson of The Carter-Johnson Library & Collection, being the primary foremothers. They have all supported and inspired her Leather journey. The House of The Black Lily is a vampiric house, like that of its predecessors, which is symbolized by the drop of blood above the letter i in the HOH's name; it's also a community service, and teaching oriented household. It has many active members and mentees on both sides of the slash, many of whom have mentees of their own. This House truly embodies the philosophy of “Each one Teach one”, a torch Master Lily has the privilege of carrying through having had it placed upon her during her covering ceremony! The HoH, and many house members educate actively at events around the world, judge leather competitions, fundraise, have held space for the community, done rescue work, held board positions, become members of or assisted clubs and organizations, fetish model, participate in podcasts and rep for multiple lifestyle based companies. They are always looking for ways to serve and meet the requirements of the Leather Community, and are shining examples of the best of our Leather values.

The House of The Black Lily







In June of 2001 by Master Lily Noir

Panel History:

Added in-person at SouthEast Leather Fest, June 14, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.



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