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Wicked in the West

Wicked in the West is a weekend event that was started in Edmonton in 2016 by Nelson and Impish Willow (aka Imp) to fulfill a need for more educational opportunities and to help create social interaction that went beyond the Edmonton area. In the ensuing years, Wicked has become one of the largest Leather/BDSM/Kink events in western Canada, and is now held in October on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Wicked 2018 is believed to be the first time a portion of the Leather Quilt was displayed in Canada, and 2022 is believed to be the first time the entire Quilt was displayed in Canada.

Wicked in the West



Edmonton, Alberta Canada




In 2016 by Nelson and impishWillow

Panel History:

Added by Nelson and Impish Willow on October 12, 2019 at Wicked in the West in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Other Details:

Nelson and Impish Willow adding the panel to the Leather Quilt

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